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Miso Robotics | Flippy

Meet Flippy, the future of the commercial kitchen

Looking to address the foodservice industry’s biggest challenges when it comes to streamlining operations and driving a better customer service experience, Miso Robotics developed the world’s first robot-as-a-service (RaaS) offering, Flippy, known for its robotic grilling and frying capabilities. Flippy faced fierce competition among global brands developing their own AI and automation startups, and a media audience that viewed the concept as a ‘gimmick’ versus a needed business solution. To break through the noise and reach a highly specific target audience, Golin San Francisco utilized earned media to adopt messaging that provided solutions to operator challenges, customer trends and concerns around labor. Through these efforts, Golin San Francisco helped Miso Robotics increase awareness with general consumers to secure $25M+ in crowdfunding from individual investors during their Series C, more than 16B earned media impressions, and video/documentary spotlights in future-focused innovation specials for CNN International, HBO Max and Hulu. The business and consumer value outcome-oriented messaging resonated extremely well with customer prospect, helping to increase the start-ups’ pipeline by 60 percent during their Series C campaign with global quick service brands. By start of their Series D, Miso Robotics had increased their market valuation by nearly 4 times the value 1 year prior.