Toblerone: The Toblerone Take

Toblerone has 98% brand awareness and 70% of consumers “do not dislike anything” about Toblerone, but its competitors have bigger media spends and Toblerone was struggling to get cut through.

The unique thing about Toblerone is its triangular shape; we’re the least square chocolate there is (ahem). So, we designed a global social content strategy to showcase the “Toblerone Take” on the things our audience love. Using a witty, imaginative and boldly original personality in timely, relevant conversations – we get people who love us most to talk about us more and found fans and influencers who were already talking about the brand and sent them unique, personalized content to fan the flames of their desire.

From the iPhone6 launch and the #HatsOnForHarry campaign to Ashton Irwin, drummer and vocalist from 5 Seconds of Summer’s birthday, and The Lego Movie’s Oscar snub, Toblerone talks to fans in the moment they’re talking, in conversations that are trending. For example, when singer Ed Sheeran tweeted “it's never too early for a Toblerone”, we speedily created a personalized Toblerone bar image, and used his new single's lyrics in the copy. Our followers loved it and so did Ed, who replied saying: “@Toblerone incredible. Legendz”:  an amazing endorsement.

The results were staggering:

  • Increase share of voice –­ tick. On Twitter, it has increased by 215% from 2014 to 2015.
  • Improved engagement –­ tick. On Facebook, engagement has improved by 95%.
  • Increased reach ­– tick. On Facebook, reach has increased by 988%.
  • People who have been exposed to Toblerone’s social media content are 24% (net) more likely to have bought Toblerone in the past three months than people who haven’t and 27% (net) more likely to recommend Toblerone to a friend.