Golin’s new Untern to visit the world’s happiest countries

Introducing Golin London’s 2017 Untern, Les Latchman and his adventure to discover ‘what makes these guys so darn happy’.

It’s hard to believe this clean-cut chap was once a self-confessed rebel, yet Les certainly had an unconventional route through education. He spent many an hour outside the head teacher’s office culminating in suspension from school.

Thankfully, karate came into his life and turned things around. He worked so hard he became World Karate Champion in 2010, then used that same drive and determination to finish his education.

Les will spend his two-month Untern adventure seeking the art of happiness in the world’s officially happiest countries.

Visiting the top countries from the UN Happiness Index and the Happy Planet Index – Norway, Denmark, Costa Rica and Colombia – he will embrace the five actions for improved happiness as identified by the UK government. These include being active, taking notice, connecting, giving back and keep learning.

In the pursuit of happiness Les will climb the most challenging mountains and kayak through fjords in Norway, he will watch the migration of endangered humpback whales in Costa Rica, he will connect with complete strangers in Denmark,  volunteer in Costa Rica and learn Spanish and surfing Costa Rica and Colombia.

Along the way he will live within local communities and relish every experience to uncover exactly what makes these guys so darn happy!

Les will then bring all his life learnings and fresh perspectives back into the office, where he will join our digital content creator team.

The Unternship is Golin’s CV-free internship to find an unconventional candidate. The successful candidate takes a two month adventure, followed by three months in the office. Follow his adventure here from July 10th.