My Three Weeks at Golin

A handful of straw, Capri Sun pouches, bubble wrap and brown paper. Assembling media mailers during my work experience, I witnessed the power of team synergy. With time ticking on a posting deadline, the entire corporate team – from media trainer to executive director – got down on their hands and knees to help pack and post the hampers in time.

What struck me most was the team’s responsiveness. Everyone immediately paused their own work and quickly passed around the materials, forming an assembly line of sorts. Once we had successfully wrapped the packages and dropped them in the post room, the corporate PR Manager turned to me and jokingly said: “Welcome to PR.”

The opportunity to spend three weeks at Golin was both exhilarating and eye opening. I had the privilege of meeting specialists in corporate and consumer across the g4 model, for insightful one-on-one conversations over many cups of tea. I came away from each of these chats with greater awareness of, and appreciation for, a career in public relations.

We discussed important case studies, several of which were raised in my university lectures, and I was in a unique position to ask questions of the very people who had made these decisions. It was inspiring to hear about the various journeys that had brought different team members to the same company and, throughout my placement, I gladly took note of the ‘top tips’ and book recommendations I received.

It was incredible to work with some of my favourite household brands. I experienced the novelty of Christmas in June when writing a press release for Cadbury, privy to the delicious chocolates you can expect to find in store (and in the office) at the end of this year. Surrounded by dedicated, passionate, chocolate-loving individuals, there was never a dull moment!

As an Instagram user, I was familiar with seeing #ad and #spon in captions; however, I was surprised just how heavily certain brands are now relying on influencer marketing. The statistic that sticks with me is that 30 per cent of Brits understandably prefer to follow ‘real life’ influencers. I had the pleasure of working on various stages of the process, from identifying potential influencers that met this requirement to contacting them, negotiating costs, and tracking coverage from previous campaigns. This culminated in a lovely lunch at The Ned with ‘Frock Me I’m Famous’ blogger Hayley Rubery.

Being part of a busy, energising, deadline-driven team was an inspiration. It confirmed that this environment was one I would thrive in, making public relations the career for me. The strong values held by Golin’s diverse team are impressive, as shown by ‘Al’s Day’ – a day where employees give up their time to volunteer at a local charity in honour of founder, Al Golin.

Volunteering at Age UK, I once again witnessed positive team synergy, as individuals from different departments came together to achieve a single goal: erect a green gazebo in the grass. Before joining the members inside for tea, five of us raised our hands to put up the structure. Supplied with a cloth canopy, 28 poles, and no instructions, we visualised the final product and then worked together to build it. It took multiple pole combinations before we were successful in setting up something stable. Truly a team bonding exercise, I really enjoyed the hour and a half we spent on the project – 30 minutes less time than the last group, we were pleased to find out.