Tiny Tickers Twinkle Twinkle Little Heart


To get a nation focused on last-minute Christmas shopping to consider the plight of child heart patients who miss the festive magic, Golin connected the Christmas lights of London’s famous shopping district, Seven Dials, to the heart monitor of a 2-year old heart patient, Billy. The Christmas lights pulsed in time with his heartbeat in the last shopping week before Christmas, creating an emotive Christmas tale. The campaign sparked conversation and emotion, which sent the UK story around the globe. The results against our objectives speak for themselves; showing the power of a human story told well and changing the entire profile of Tiny Tickers heart charity.



Before Christmas hundreds of thousands saw the spectacle in person, but the real success was in the creative, which sparked high-impact coverage and content and saw Tiny Tickers’ profile sky rocket.

  • 438 PIECES OF MEDIA COVERAGE for Twinkle Twinkle Little Heart globally including high quality placements on primetime TV news, national print front pages and full page spreads in key country media.
  • 31 COUNTRIES. The story went global with coverage and conversation in 31 countries. Including the US, Germany, Italy and Thailand.
  • OTS of 173.9m
  • 100% of coverage was positive in tone.
  • 95% of coverage contained complete message delivery.
  • 1million + video views, no paid budget
  • 500,000+ people saw the stunt spectacle in person
  • DOUBLED Christmas campaign donations YOY, with fundraising coming from around the globe for the first time ever.
  • 365% WEB TRAFFIC INCREASE to Tiny Tickers in the campaign period (YoY).
  • 560% increase in positive emotions linked to Tiny Tickers (e.g. great, amazing, love, good, wonderful, happy. lovely, hope etc) – in news and social coverage: YoY comparison – Dec 11th 2017 to Jan 15th 2018 vs Dec 11th 2018 to Jan 15th 2019.
  • 492% increase in positive sentiment towards Tiny Tickers in news and social coverage, Global YoY comparison–Dec 11th 2017 to Jan 15th 2018 vs Dec 11th 2018 to Jan 15th 2019