We Are the Relevance Agency.

 We are relevance obsessed. Even better, we are relevance equipped.

At Golin, we understand that thousands of brands are trying to reach the same audiences every single day. And that each of them wants to be heard. But consumers are savvier than ever when it comes to what they pay attention to and what they ignore.

There is no other agency out there that understands relevance as the key driver in effective brand communications. Others talk about trust or loyalty or brand love or disruption. We understand that none of those factors matter if your brand or company isn’t relevant. There are many cautionary tales of brands and companies once loved and trusted that became irrelevant and are no longer amongst us. So we study relevance. And we’ve brought in USC’s Annenberg School to co-author our intellectual property, the Relevance Fingerprint, which looks at what makes a brand relevant and why it matters.

But we don’t stop there. Through a variety of proprietary relevance-building products, we can identify the strongest opportunities that will help our clients build relevance with their target audiences.

Relevance-Building Products

The Bridge™ is the world’s largest relevance engine and includes seasoned journalists, social specialists, analytics experts and rapid content creators. Our teams collaborate and curate to discover actionable opportunities and execute ideas at the speed of culture.

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The Bright Collective™ is a co-creation portal where a dazzling collection of diverse creative minds drawn from a range of industries come together to think up big ideas. It combines global perspectives, diverse areas of expertise and people from multiple backgrounds and geographies to generate big, channel neutral ideas that work across various markets.

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The Relevance Roadmap is a thoughtful, expanded way we approach every brief, assignment and project to help us unleash the full power of our g4 team and exceed the expectations of our clients. It allows us to dive deeper into uncovering, challenging and discovering how we can keep our clients’ brands relevant.

Delta Set is an approach that uses a combination of stakeholder surveys, research and other analytics to answer a simple but fundamental question: What’s the change — or delta — between people exposed and people not exposed to the communications we help create?

Brand Voice offers a more thoughtful and scientific approach to the art of storytelling. With a laser focus on writing clear, consistent and effective content, the Brand Voice model has helped dozens of Golin clients tell great brand stories that change perceptions, drive trust and inspire action.

Relevance Fingerprint is Golin’s data-driven analytics methodology for understanding the prevalence, intensity and qualitative dimensions of brand relevance.

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