Golin Digital fuses human insights and technology to inspire and create change for clients around the globe.

We are a full-service digital, mobile and social media marketing services provider with a global specialist team supporting the world’s most connected brands.

Our team delivers fully integrated, turn-key digital solutions to brand marketers and communicators through five distinct service areas: Strategy, Content, Influencers, Technology and Analytics.

Golin Digital crafts people-centric digital strategies that make your brand a natural part of online pursuits, not an interruption. We rely on data to understand why your audiences use digital and social media in the first place, shaping bold ideas that inspire and create change, one click, post, or share at a time.

Our team creates branded content that stops audiences in their tracks. We do it by synchronizing the stories brands want to tell with the topics people care about, all at the speed of culture. From pins to posts, tweets to animation, Web films and more, our team crafts arresting content for social, mobile and digital channels, spanning owned, earned and paid media.

Who are your brand or category’s most important voices? We know. Golin identifies, engages and inspires tastemakers to tell your story in authentic ways. From product reviews to sponsored content and even support during a crisis, Golin Digital helps brands engage the influencers their targets trust.

Our in-house digital design and development team applies the latest technology to build powerful brand experiences, including responsive Web sites and branded content hubs, mobile and social apps, and more. Golin Digital’s “human-first” approach ensures we deliver more than just shiny tech. We architect digital solutions that foster interaction.

Golin Digital helps clients make smarter marketing, communications and business decisions by harvesting and deciphering digital signals. Our dedicated analytics experts apply social listening and behavioral tracking tools to understand audience needs and actions, delivering more than just raw data. We deliver actionable intelligence our clients need.

Proprietary Offerings

Golin applies unique digital and social media marketing techniques to support some of the world’s most connected brands. Our exclusive offerings include planning, execution, and measurement methodologies that help clients market, communicate and sell with speed, precision, and consistency.

Golin helps brands work at the speed of culture with The Bridge™, the world’s largest relevance engine of nimble engagement centers supporting 250+ brands in nearly 30 regions of the world.

The Bridge allows our teams and clients to spot and act on marketing opportunities faster than ever before. It is used for brand building activities such as customer and influencer marketing, branded content creation and distribution, community management, customer service, and brand protection applications such as real-time crisis management.

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We’re channel agnostic and share your story where it’s most powerful, not simply on today’s trendiest platform. Golin’s Digital Ecosystem process leverages audience insights to map brand, partner and influencer channels, articulating how each uniquely inspires and creates change among your targets.

Influencer Radar is a holistic approach to identifying and activating the right influencers for ongoing relationship building and short-term campaign support, using both paid and earned strategies. We go beyond basic reach metrics or score rankings and calculate influence through a qualitative and quantitative brand relevance filter. Golin selects tastemakers based on several critical factors including topical credibility, content creation quality and effectiveness, demographic and psychographic alignment, and brand fit.

We apply precision social media marketing techniques that help sales professionals convert prospects to customers faster than ever before. With SalesDriver, Golin analyzes the social footprints of individual targets, identifies key interests and online behaviors, and helps sales teams surround them with relevant content where they live online.

Bright minds don’t always think alike. But they can think together. Golin’s Bright Collective is a global co-creation portal where a dazzling community of creative minds drawn from a range of industries come together to conceive big ideas.

Strategic Partnerships

At Golin, we’ve built strategic partnerships with the world’s most important digital and social platforms and technology providers. Our team boasts close working relationships and deep platform expertise with leading social platforms, listening and social business tools, advertising networks and more. Our clients benefit from platform-centric thinking, access to betas and other exclusive offerings, dedicated platform-side support, and preferential rates and terms. In addition, Golin’s Digital Platform Council provides every client with ongoing intelligence about key platforms including case studies, how-tos, and analysis of major changes and new offerings.

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