Public Relations

Golin PR unites client partnerships with media expertise to create positive change for brand communicators around the world. 

We are a full-service, integrated communications marketing provider with 60 years of proven results delivering competitive programming, media relations and branding success that make our clients relevant to their target audiences. 

Our global team is dedicated to bravery over mediocrity, which is why we combine business analytics, compelling creative and storytelling excellence for our clients in five distinct service areas: Strategic Planning, Consumer Insights, Brave Ideas, Media Relations and Experiential Marketing.

Golin PR crafts 360 degree programming rooted in core insights and backed with sound research. Our Explorer community, just one of our four integral g4 structural groups, is made up of brand planners and analysts that leverage our unique tools to dig deep and understand early opportunities that help increase a brand’s relevance, ultimately paving the way for creative inspiration and positive change.

Our team understands that to drive messaging to target audiences means we first have to recognize what matters most to them. We evaluate behaviors and beliefs of our consumers to help shape client messaging that will not only resonate but inspire audiences to share in our missions.

No successful campaign has ever existed without a brave idea at its core. Brave ideas – grounded in research and insights – are what differentiate and elevate a company or brand from the rest. Our Creator community leads the charge around developing brave ideas that create change worthy of awe and action for our clients.

Where should a brand or category tell its important stories? Golin identifies, engages and inspires media outlets and influencers to report your news in the most authentic and compelling ways. Our Connector community, just one of our four integral g4 structural groups, is made up of communication experts who have dedicated their careers to the art of storytelling. By identifying the most trustworthy approaches to sharing a client story, we can leverage our dedicated personal relationships with traditional and digital journalists to get key messaging out to strategic audiences.

Golin PR not only helps clients insert their messaging into relevant conversations, we know how to keep a brand top of mind and positive for consumers. By leveraging the full force of our g4 model, our teams can identify or create activities, stunts and events that will allow a brand to reach their target audience with face-to-face communication. We deliver exciting and inspirational ideas that are actionable for the brand before, during and after each key experience is created.

Proprietary Offerings

Golin applies unique communications, marketing and media techniques to support some of the most well known and talked about brands. Our exclusive offerings include planning, creative, content development, execution and measurement methodologies that help clients reach their target audiences and stay relevant in today’s world.

Accelerators of Relevance is Golin’s approach to mixing the art and science of media and influencer relations to determine who can spread stories quickly and to the most relevant audiences.

Personal Relevance is Golin’s ethnographic practice. It uncovers cultural and behavioral truths, and it’s the way we compliment big data with small data.

Relevance Fingerprint is Golin’s data-driven analytics methodology for measuring a brand’s relevance relative to its competition, as well as what is driving relevance for each brand and the category in general.

Along with the evolution of our agency came a new approach to planning. Our experts have designed a pathway that understands and dissects why consumers only allow 1% of outside messaging to break through the clutter. We know that if a brand isn’t relevant, it’s irrelevant. And through these techniques, we can hone in on the content that is worthy of an audience’s attention.

We help brands create powerful, discernable voices in traditional and social/digital media environments through Brand Voice. Relying on rich audience profiling data, Golin creates unique personas for brands that dictate social personality, tonality and voice, and visual style.  The result? Higher-performing storytelling and campaign activations among targets who view brands as more interesting, approachable, and human.

Combining stakeholder surveys, research and other analytics we can collect sound data to answer the simple but fundamental question: What’s the change — or delta — between people exposed and people not exposed to the communications we help create?

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