A well practiced joke

The coverage these brands received for their April Fool’s day stunts was no joke. A deft reminder of the power of the frivolous, in a world that is dominated by increasingly serious issues.

Creative’s Excellence

Creative Marketing Agency Portal A decided to take a different approach to April Fool’s this year – and instead of adding to the noise, decided to poke fun at those making it.

In a video so beautifully shot it could have been mistaken as an entry into whatever prestigious indie film event is local to you, the world was introduced to advertising firm A.B.C.B.B.D.B.D.L.L.C, and the two creative directors behind its genius.

Over the course of two minutes, we gain an insight into why the firm solely takes on briefs for April Fool’s Day, what really drives the two CD’s, and how they approach the creative process. It’s of course as absurd as the demeanour of the two creatives will suggest.

As with most successful humour, it’s funny because of its uncomfortable proximity to the truth!

Bad Ikea

Home furnishings and meatball-brand IKEA announced that it was making a change to its in-store childcare services, as a result of a new report it commissioned revealing changes in how kids like to spend their time.

The changes announced entailed the removal of traditional child’s play areas – which contain plenty of toys which encourage physical exercise – and replacing them with ‘solo-sitting pods’ containing tablet computers.

‘The world’s first Press-Play Area’ was greeted with outrage across social media (as IKEA intended) – as most had failed to note the announcement’s proximity to April 1st.

We loved how easily the public took the bait on this one… and the replies coming from Ikea’s official social channels. (The social media manager in charge must have found it pretty cathartic, as the replies were a masterclass in trolling).

A Tasty Idea

Fast-food chain Burger King has finally got an answer to the question – “what do I do when I need to brush my teeth, but would prefer to use the time eating a Whopper burger?” The answer is to use Whopper toothpaste, a new toothpaste Burger King assures us will soon be available in both its restaurants and other stores, which tastes just like a Whopper.

The paste was launched with a tasty tongue-in-cheek ad which features some of what IW can only assume is very legitimate and serious science.

Great PR is all about problem solving, but as the conversation this stunt generated shows… as long as it’s fun, it doesn’t always have to be useful.

HU’s Idea Was This

Those of us in marketing will be familiar with statistics which highlight how the average human attention span is ever decreasing in the modern world – and so this April Fool’s Day, steaming service Hulu created streamlined-streaming-service ‘Hu’.

Hu is ‘TV abbreviated’ and over the course of the hilarious holiday, featured 8-second versions of popular TV shows – from Seinfeld to The Mindy Project – to better suit this new reality.

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