March 01, 2016

Building on their achievements with Instant Articles, Facebook’s new Canvas ads bring new levels of engagement and interaction to ads inside the Facebook app. You can register here.

Instant Articles for Facebook Ads

When Instant Articles launched last year, it was out of the necessity for Facebook to deliver content from third-party publishers faster. In essence, it was about providing a way for publishers to reduce load times on their content and thus, ensuring their content was seen by more Facebook users for longer periods. With Canvas, Facebook is applying that same methodology to ads.

At their heart, Canvas ads might be read as Facebook’s way of addressing a growing problem—increasing the ROI of ads. By adding a layer of interaction, Facebook’s seen an average of 53% of users viewing an ad to its halfway point and up to 70 seconds of view time—considerably higher than the standard ad experience on Facebook

Once tapped, Canvas ads expand to reveal a full-screen interactive experience capable of embedding video, GIFs, custom galleries and more without needing to develop custom code.

Why Canvas Matters to Your Brand

  • Facebook ads as they exist work exactly like you’d expect a web ad would. The problem? Ad blindness. Just as users block out the sponsored results in a search window, they’re doing the same with Facebook.
  • Immersion. Facebook’s making big steps with Oculus, it’s VR platform. As AR, VR and (more commonly) 360-degree video rolls out to consumers, the traditional web ad is going to feel like a relic from a bygone era.
  • Last year, publishers, developers and consumers got caught up in a conversation about ads on the web. While the ad-blocker conversation’s gone away, the conversation around slow-load times and invasive tracking hasn’t. By applying the Instant Articles methodology, Facebook’s offering something with a little more goodwill in Canvas.