May 09, 2017

Golin Unternship sets to launch third Untern on a six-week journey across the U.S.

CHICAGO (May 4, 2017) – Golin, an Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) agency, announced Jasper Thomas III as the winner of its third annual Golin Unternship, an unconventional internship program allowing one college graduate an opportunity to “walk in the shoes of others” and take on real world experiences outside the confines of the office by way of a journey of their own creation. After a summer filled with new perspectives, Thomas will begin work in the Golin office of his choice in the U.S., where he will apply his newly acquired insights to Golin’s culture and client work.

With a focus on identity and how we define ourselves, Jasper will use his Unternship to explore the intersectionality between communities by learning about immigrant identity in Miami, Native American identity in Standing Rock and LGBTQIA identity in California. In his winning application, Jasper said he plans to use his cinema and production degree to bring to life these experiences as he strives for self-growth outside of his comfort zone.

As chronicled in Golin Chairman Fred Cook’s book, Improvise: Unconventional Career Advice from an Unlikely CEOthe unconventional nature of Cook’s life experiences and unusual career path – pool hustler, chauffeur, tour guide, rock band agent and doorman, to name a few – played a critical role in developing the agency’s new approach to finding Millennial talent.

“I continue to be inspired by the applicants applying for the Internship program. Many of whom we would never have found through a traditional hiring process,” said Cook. “Jasper is no different. At every step of the application process, he made a profound impression on us. I’m confident he will add a unique perspective to our agency and our clients.”

As part of the nationwide search, the top three finalists were flown to Chicago for interviews with the Golin leadership team. In a plot twist, each candidate was surprised with an afternoon exercise to test his or her improvisational skills. Equipped with $40 in cash, the finalists were given a bold challenge to spend the next two hours finding unlikely people, who are unlike themselves, in the Windy City. Upon their return, each candidate had only 30 minutes to prepare a memorable presentation sharing what they learned about the different people they met to a room filled with Golin team members.

“Jasper braved what was probably the hardest snowstorm of the year, passing out flowers and notes to different people to create a chain-reaction of kindness, ultimately ending with the security guard at our headquarters inside the John Hancock Center – someone so many of us pass by every single day but probably never even give a passing smile to,” said Gary Rudnick, Golin’s CEO+ Operations. “It was a very original and sincerely thoughtful approach. I think we are all pretty convinced his resourcefulness and inclination to connect with people on a deep level will serve Jasper well on his journey, and provide tremendous value to his future with Golin.”

Starting in June, Thomas will be paid to spend the summer on his unconventional journey, sharing real-time insights with Golin and others via videos, blogs and social media. After six weeks, Thomas will return to a full-time, paid position at Golin.

Learn more about the Unternship from Fred Cook himself: 

“I am so humbled to be the next Golin Untern and travel to learn about the cross-sections of widely varying cultures in the United States,” Thomas said. “I think the past two Unterns did a really stellar job garnering unconventional experiences while exploring different geographies and communities. I am excited to expand that trend as I really examine unique and contrasting cultures, and the common threads that tie them all together. I look forward to sharing each step of my journey with others on social media, and I can’t wait to use my experiences in my job with Golin.”

Follow Golin and Thomas as he embarks on his Unternship via and on the Golin Untern Twitter and Instagram channels.