Golin Launches Relevance@Work

 To Help Employers Transform and Workers Perform in the New Age of Work

CHICAGO, IL (September 26, 2017) – Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) agency Golin has launched Relevance@Work, a new service designed to help clients improve the way their employees communicate and work.

The offering merges Golin’s global capabilities in employee communications and digital engagement with best-in-class technology partners to help businesses drive efficiency and innovation, foster exchange and build culture.

Relevance@Work accelerates transformation by aligning employers’ business priorities with what’s relevant to their employees. Scaled support packages range from communications planning and technology consulting to full scale change management campaigns and platform integration.

The offering builds on Golin’s experience designing and leading internal change initiatives for many of the world’s largest employers, often hastening change through application of technology. The agency develops intranets, bots and customized collaboration tools to empower employees, and also helps clients maximize investments in established third-party platforms.

“By 2020, Millennials will dominate the global labor market, yet many businesses rely on technology platforms and employee communications practices built for a previous generation of workers,” said Jeff Beringer, Golin’s global head of digital. “Relevance@Work binds progressive employee engagement and change management techniques with work-ready technologies to help our clients adapt.”

Golin is an official services partner to Workplace by Facebook, a collaboration platform for businesses built atop the familiar Facebook experience known to 2+ billion people worldwide. The agency works closely with Workplace’s customer success and engineering teams to help clients plan integrations, launch and drive engagement based on best practices from thousands of other companies using Workplace.

“Workplace by Facebook and Golin share a common goal: to help companies succeed in the new world of work. We’re excited to blend the world’s most familiar collaboration and productivity platform with Golin’s expert counsel to give customers everything they need to adapt and thrive,” said Frerk-Malte Feller, Director of Ecosystems Partnerships for Workplace by Facebook.

Golin adopted Workplace for its own internal use in 2016, shuttering a conventional intranet and connecting thousands of employees across 50 offices to collaborate dynamically. The two companies will work together to bring innovative solutions to existing clients of each entity and jointly engage new customers.

“We believe in the power of progressive employee communication and technology because we’ve seen the impact inside our own company,” said Jonathan Hughes, co-CEO of Golin.  “Workplace has transformed the way our global teams work and communicate, and we’re excited to help clients change by applying the same winning formula to their businesses.”

While the companies are already working jointly on client assignments, Golin and Workplace will also collaborate on thought leadership and product innovation. The partners will host a roundtable discussion about the future of work October 4 from 3-5PM at Golin’s Chicago headquarters. To RSVP, email RelevanceAtWork@golin.com.

Relevance@Work expands Golin’s suite of Relevance-building products that help brands attract and keep audiences’ attention. The agency’s related offerings include the Accelerators of Relevance, which fuses media and influencer relations to spread stories quickly; the Relevance Fingerprint, which measures 15 unique drivers that contribute to brand relevance; and Personal Relevance, which is an ethnographic practice that uncovers cultural and behavioral truths. The new offering comes on the heels of Golin’s Global Relevance Review launch in May, when the firm unveiled findings from global research conducted with USC about what makes companies relevant in today’s marketplace.

To learn more, visit www.golin.com/RelevanceAtWork. 

For more information on Relevance@Work offerings, please reach out to Golin:

Jeff Beringer
Global Head of Digital

David Wright
Executive Director, Employee Engagement