Golin Reveals Reverse Gender Pay Gap

LondonGolin is a huge supporter of gender pay gap reporting to help drive transparency and change. Reporting is not a legal requirement for Golin (with less than the required 250 employees), but today we are voluntarily reporting our gender pay gap data as part of our commitment to championing women and diversity in the industry.

The agency reveals a gender pay gap in favour of women with the mean hourly gender pay gap at -3.77% and the median hourly pay gap at -4.62%. This is in part due to the key senior roles in the agency of MD, FD and Deputy MD among others being held by women.

“Reporting the gender pay gap is part of Golin’s ambition to create the most progressive and diverse workplace in the industry and be the defining agency of the decade. We want our people to know that they will be compensated according to their skills and expertise, not their gender, life decisions, background or ethnicity,” said Bibi Hilton, Golin MD.


“Over the past three years Golin has worked hard to improve gender equality and diversity in the agency by championing flexible working and returnships, promoting or recruiting more women into senior leadership roles and improving support for maternity returners. This work is reflected in our reverse gender pay gap figure that reflects the number of women we now have in leadership positions and we will keep working to get that number as close to zero as we can,” said Bibi Hilton, Golin MD.

Golin’s leadership team is made up of 64% women, the same percentage as the amount of women entering the industry. The agency has developed many initiatives to improve gender equality. Its flexible working policy has ensured 100% of mums now return from maternity leave and the Back2Businessship returnship programme (in partnership with co-founders Liz Nottingham and Amanda Fone) has helped 75 career break parents get back to work, while Golin’s industry-leading family policies encourage mums and dads to share the care.