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Director - £90,000

London, England, United Kingdom

About Golin: 

We are a progressive public relations agency, designed to reach a profoundly diverse global market. We proudly reclaim and redefine PR at a time when earning attention has never been more important. Our progressive approach aligns earned first, data driven creative with the customer journey, to build relevance and deliver maximum impact for our clients. 

With 50 offices around the world and 60 years of experience, ‘Go All In’ is our agency’s ethos and commitment to bravery over mediocrity. We Go All In, in everything we do. We are committed to Go All In for our people, offering a full benefits programme that builds a culture of happy people who are the best at what they do. We’re proud of the work we do, and even prouder when it is recognised by our peers. Over the last five years, we have been named ‘Agency of the Year’ ten times in a row and received many awards for our creative work. It’s a testament to our team’s excellent work and dedication to innovation and client service. In 2019, 2020 and 2021, we were named PRWeek Global Agency of the Year and AMEC Research and Measurement Team of Year. 


The Team 

Sitting as part of the Risk & Reputation team, we offer a unique opportunity to work closely with consumer-facing brands as a trusted reputation advisor. Our team is not made up of ‘pinstripe corporate suits’, and the work we focus on is how to empower brands to boldly communicate on topics such as sustainability, purpose, and their impact – leaning into the opportunities that arise when taking a risk.  


While our team sits in London, this role provides the opportunity to work on clients and with award-winning Golin / IPG teams across the world. Our Risk & Rep team is also part of the Global Purpose + Planet practice. This practice reflects the DNA of Golin and its commitment to brave work. We’re a team of more than 40 subject matter experts in climate change, sustainability, social impact and activism. And we’re obsessed with studying culture and how it creates social change – and changes brands for the better. We design powerful campaigns and programs focused on sustainability, social good and equity - driven by ideas that inspire awe and action. We’re here to do the best work of our lives so together, we can create change that matters. 


Who You Are: 

You play an essential role in creating change for your clients and leading and growing a portfolio. You drive your clients’ business as a brand/business steward.  


You help our clients see around corners anticipating issues where possible and mitigating where not. You challenge risk head on by developing mitigation strategies, protecting reputation but, crucially also see opportunity in taking bold, brave creative risk for your clients.  


Working with them under these and similar circumstances you will quickly become known for providing exceptional, progressive counsel from a reputational lens across a wide range of channels and topics. 


You ensure you’re delivering the maximum impact in leading and managing accounts for the agency. You are curious, creative, brave, inclusive and collaborative. And, are passionate about driving results.  


You are relevance obsessed and flawless in your execution. You champion great work and drive collaboration across the business, pushing Risk & Reputation at the heart of every account. In a nutshell, you’re a progressive business driver. 


Knowledge and Skills 

  1. Create Meaningful Impact for Our Clients

You create meaningful impact for our clients. You do this by building trusting relationships with your colleagues, teams and client contacts. You collaborate, counsel and contribute to exceptional and brave work. You immerse yourself in our clients’ businesses and bring relevant ideas and insights into our work. 

  • As a leader of your team, you are a trusted advisor to client Senior team and you have an influential relationship with key client executives 
  • Strong grasp of client’s business and industry and can apply trends and competitive insights to our recommendations 
  • With a direct line to the client, seek client feedback regularly during your discussions and communicate all feedback to your teams, with clear understanding of action steps on how to apply the feedback to the work moving forward 
  • Champion innovative work by challenging your team to think outside the box, and in turn pushing your client to take a risk on smart, innovative ideas 
  • Deliver ideas that solve your client’s problems and answer briefs 
  • Cultivate a team environment that welcomes creative ideas and thoughts 
  • In partnership with g4 leaders, successfully sell creative ideas to the clients, helping clients understand the business benefits of the idea/activation 
  • Strategic and proactive thinking in regards to project management, to include:  
  • Assess and analyze your client’s brand and identify potential problems/challenges/risks for your clients, offering strategic solutions to our clients; educate your team on how to proactively watch for potential client issues 
  • Stay one step ahead of client needs and encourage your team to always be thinking about and anticipating potential problems 
  • Be able to clearly articulate strategy and give feedback based on it 
  • Collaborate with all g4 communities to ensure work is strategically and creatively sound; know how to articulate an ask to the Strategist community and provide feedback based in client knowledge to make better 
  • Possess strong presentation skills and be able to clearly communicate messaging 
  • Be able to listen for and identify client problems and offer solutions 
  • Drive the creative brief process 
  • Provide timely responses to internal team members and clients 


  1. Empower Our People

You empower our people. You do this by developing yourself through training, mentoring, coaching and on-the-job experience. You encourage your colleagues and teammates to develop themselves, too. You contribute to a diverse and inclusive culture in the workplace. And you give and receive candid feedback. 

  • Demonstrate exceptional partnership with g4 leaders, collaborating on client activations and including in all steps of the process from beginning to end 
  • Demonstrate exceptional partnership with g4 leaders, communicate all client needs, expectations and deadlines to g4 teams that support your client, ensuring the g4 teams are always aware of client changes/needs 
  • Advocate for and counsel your team, to include: 
  • Ensure account team is properly taking advantage of agency resources and contributing to broader agency with best practices and supporting SME hires 
  • Lead recognition efforts within your team, showing your team support and encouragement; celebrate the wins and learn from the losses 
  • Identify learning and growth opportunities for your team and direct reports and encouraging participation; be the example 
  • As an account leader, partner with agency leadership team by: 
  • Regularly communicating with agency leadership team, providing relevant updates on your team and client 
  • Knowing when and how to escalate client issues to office leadership team 
  • Providing regular client ‘health checks’ to leadership team, flagging potential problems and offering solutions 
  • Take ownership and accountability of your team, to include: 
  • Teaching in the moment, providing constructive feedback at all times 
  • Educating your team on how to take both internal and client feedback and learn from it, applying it to future projects 
  • Model client management skills for broader team 
  • Delegate work to appropriate team members and hold team members responsible for their work 
  • Actively contribute to the agency by leading office/agency initiatives to build upon our culture, supporting or leading an office/agency committee and encouraging participation from your team 
  • Encourage and promote inclusion and belonging within your teams, treating every team member with respect and expecting the same from your team 
  • Know how and when to elevate issues and concerns 
  • Recommend new initiatives and identify solutions that help foster an inclusive environment 
  • Create and lead an inclusive team environment by empowering and advocating for your team, helping your team understand their role within the agency, and practicing and encouraging empathy within your team 
  • Be an expert on the Continuous Performance Management (CPM) process from both an employee and management perspective; collaborate with your direct reports to ensure they stay on track within CPM and know how staying up-to-date on goals/quarterly check-ins affects their/your career path/growth 



  1. Drive Our Business

You drive our business. You do this by recognizing the role you play in the financial success of our agency. You learn about the tools, processes and points of view that make Golin progressive. You also contribute to new and organic new business opportunities when possible. 

  • Oversee and lead team financials 
  • Responsible for accuracy of your team’s financials; partner with Top Client Leaders (TCL)/Client Relationship Leaders (CRL) Partner with finance team to lead your team and client financials 
  • Accurately forecast, staff and scope for client work 
  • Proactively communicate all budget or staffing changes to both leadership team and finance team, offering solutions and recommendation 
  • Maintain daily time entry and up-to-date expenses 
  • Utilize Golin’s proprietary tools and know how to use them to drive business for the agency 
  • As a leader, provide expert participation in new business opportunities, utilizing your expertise to assist in winning and securing new business for the agency 
  • Start to understand the full business/financial chess board and how one decision impacts short and long term game 
  • Lead organic growth of clients, proactively identifying opportunities and solutions to drive organic growth for the agency 


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