November 10, 2015

Patti, with 35 years in the business has experienced the world of communications from every angle – client side, PR agency, advertising agency, even dealing with the ups and downs of her own start-up agency for nearly a decade. In her new role as the agency’s client innovation office, Patti is responsible for connecting with Golin clients to bring them new ways of thinking and working based on the agency’s experience across multiple clients and industries around the world.

Patti passionately believes that asking smart and creative people to work together to solve a client’s actual problems and challenges brings out the very best, most creative and innovative ideas and solutions. Solutions that often can and should be shared.

“I am continually blown away by how addressing big challenges for one client leads to innovative solutions that can benefit many.”


 Patti actually has a favorite punctuation mark – the &. Long committed to the power of saying, “yes and,” Patti is proud of finding ways to bring it all together. Having a career & being there for her family; advancing in the workplace & being kind; working hard & making time to explore passions.

And, she may or may not have the & tattooed on her ankle.