BRD Groupe Société Générale: Vanilla Skype

Findings show that 63% of Romanians and 72% of people ages 14-29 never go to the theatre. Golin’s mission was to bring people to the experimentalist play, Vanilla Skype, and promote its national tour, presented by the Romanian bank BRD Groupe Société Générale.

By taking inspiration from the play’s name and inverting theatre culture, Golin created an unparalleled experience: VANILLA SKYPE, the first theatre play with an audience casting on Skype. Golin hooked millennials by limiting access and turning ticket acquisition into a competition. People couldn’t attend unless they passed the Skype casting. So, exclusivity naturally led to attraction. Audience applicants that entered the Skype call were welcomed face-to-face by Romanian actor Marcel Iures and participated in a 3-minute interview with the actor.

With this innovative approach, Golin made theaters relevant to Romanian millennials by selling out every show to an audience that didn’t care about theatre. And they did it for a previously unknown play, all before the theatre season even began.

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