Heineken: Let’s Open The National Museum Together

The National Museum in Belgrade, Serbia, stood closed to the public since 2003, due to building restoration – but when the project became too costly, the doors never reopened and Serbia’s youngest generation was left unacquainted with this cultural treasure

What is the connection between the National Museum and a beer brand?

Heritage and tradition. And with that, Golin proposed “Let’s Open the National Museum Together” to HEINEKEN Serbia, suggesting its most popular domestic brand, Zaječarsko, take on a its latest corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign.

In the “Let’s Open the National Museum Together” campaign, four paintings by four different, but well-known Serbian painters that are easily identifiable with this regionally diverse culture were used for a specially designed can series.

By purchasing a can of Zaječarsko, beer lovers would in turn donate one dinar (RSD) to the National Museum. And they have. Not one, but more than five million. Serbians collected 5,673,244 RSD (55,338 USD) for the reconstruction and re-opening of the oldest museum in Serbia. This donation helped re-opening of the Museum on June, 28th 2018 and was used for buying museum furniture for temporary exhibitions within the National Museum.

This campaign was covered nation wide through print, TV and web, gaining PR value more than 350,000 USD.

The success of the campaign opened the door for the potental collaboration between the National Museum and HEINEKEN Serbia.