Invista: LYCRA® Moves You

LYCRA® fiber is a synthetic elastane fiber that can stretch up to six times its length and return to its original state – time and again. Being one of the leading elastic fiber brands globally, LYCRA® fiber is used in many garments that consumers wear in China. Once blended with other fibers in fabrics, LYCRA® fiber becomes virtually invisible. With such limited visibility, many Chinese consumers were still unfamiliar with LYCRA® fiber technology and its benefits. In fact, many consumers likely already owned garments consisting of LYCRA® fiber and simply were not aware of it.

We brought to life the product benefits of durability, flexibility, comfort, and mobility in one massive multi-day event, which featured a collaboration with BANDALOOP vertical dance troupe from the U.S. to put on Shanghai’s very first vertical dance & air ballet show, high above the grounds of Raffles Center Mall. We also partnered with ElleFIT to launch a series of chic movement classes and engaged influencers to host an experiment where consumers could cut through LYCRA® brand products to create their own patterns. All-in-all, our campaign made use of 12 channels and platforms, including but not limited to PR, experiential, social, influencers, and branded partnerships.

In the end, we generated close to 200 Million impressions Nationwide, with campaign videos receiving over 98 Million plays, and saw social conversations increase by over 180% through the campaign period.

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