LUNA Bar: Equal Pay Day

In a post #MeToo world, it has become increasingly difficult to lead the conversation on gender equality. Even for a brand like LUNA Bar, with a 20+-year history of championing women, the challenge was real. Golin needed to identify the best way for LUNA to engage its target audience of millennial women in a meaningful, authentic way.

Together, Golin and LUNA strategized and executed an integrated campaign to combat the 20% gender pay gap by providing way for women could take into their own hands – the power of negotiation. By empowering women with free resources, such as an online negotiation tool, a “Know Your Worth Checklist” and expert advice and insights from entrepreneurial women, we were able to turn salary negotiation into a point of opportunity, rather than a point of conflict.

LUNA’s integrated 2018 Equal Pay Day program achieved impressive results, including a 30 percent sales increase year over year on during the week of the campaign; 283% increase in site traffic; 1 billion+ impressions; and an impressive 9 point lift in its Brand Love score.

This goes to show that not all equal pay campaigns are created equally.