Mattel: Creatable World

Kids today are defying many traditional, societal rules and norms, especially around gender. Although progress has been made in what we say, the same cannot be said for how kids play. The toy aisle has always been dominated by stereotypes; pink princesses for girls, action figures for boys but nothing for kids who identify as gender non-binary, gender fluid or trans. Enter Creatable World, the first inclusive doll line to challenge conventional views around play by keeping labels out and inviting everyone in. The dolls’ clean, youthful features give kids the chance to customize a doll they can identify with, choosing their style, length and texture of hair, as well as from a range of skin tones and fashions.

Creatable World was named 100 Best inventions in 2019 in Time Magazine and was covered in top-tier outlets, including USA Today, ABC News, CNN and more. With 3.5 billion global media impressions, Mattel changed the global media conversation and set the stage for a brave new year for inclusive play.