McDonald’s: Bringing Back the Hamburglar

Needing to get consumers and media talking about McDonald’s new premium burger – the limited time 100% Sirloin Third Pound Burger – Golin leveraged the popular nostalgia of “throwbacks” to bring back one of the brand’s favorite retired characters – the Hamburglar. Through a series of online videos, we helped McDonald’s reclaim their relevancy by making the Hamburglar a live action character with a backstory and family in the suburbs, narrating that the 100% Sirloin Third Pound Burger was the best menu item worth coming out of hiding to steal. and Good Morning America shared his first appearances to announce the character and social platforms tracked his whereabouts – securing 12 times as many mentions as other menu launches. The campaign garnered more than 2.9 billion impressions and 296 media and influencer engagements, and just as the special edition burger offer ended, the Hamburglar was gone.