McDonald’s: Frork

In 2017, McDonald’s needed to boost sales of a new lineup of Signature Crafted Recipes.

The true hallmark of the Signature Crafted Burger is that the pile of delicious toppings can’t all be contained by the bun—with scrumptious morsels inevitably falling out. These adrift toppings needed saving – by something bold and bizarre to beat the banality of the burger.

What weapon could we wield to win this fight? The Frork™– a unique, but utterly useless, ludicrously easy-to-use, fry-frork hybrid utensil.

Armed with this device, Golin developed a fully integrated campaign, including an over-the-top infomercial, a 1-844 MCD-FRORK hotline, influencer and social media support – all to drive awareness and physically bring people into restaurants to try the new sandwiches.

The Frork™campaign was a surprising, superlative success!

The Frork garnered 451 media placements, 3 million organic social impressions and over 100 thousand calls to our 1-844 number in just 48 hours. On social media, Signature Crafted Recipes became the most talked about McDonald’s food campaign of 2017.

Even high-profile media outlets such as NPR's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!, Good Morning America, and Saturday Night Live had something to say about The Frork™.

And all because Golin had the idea to hollow out a fork and stick some fries in it.

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