MSD Indonesia: KICKS Campaign

MSD Indonesia sought to reduce the number of women dying from cervical cancer by strengthening public knowledge of the disease and related prevention efforts.

That’s where Golin stepped in to provide MSD with an unbranded 2-years public advocacy campaign to not only encourage women to be proactive about their health – but to also prompt the Indonesia government to include the HPV vaccine in the National Immunization Program (NIP) by 2020, granting HPV Vaccination to be used in the province’s immunization program.

Golin found that among consumers there is high level of awareness on cervical cancer – however, there was a misconception that led to lack of perceived importance of getting vaccinated at a young age as a more effective method of prevention.

Through integrated social and traditional methods, Golin created the Koalisi Indonesia Cegah Kanker Serviks (KICKS) campaign. The campaign raised awareness, understanding and prevention of cervical cancer and other HPV diseases in Indonesia.

Results were impressive: KICKS was positively received by the media with 350+ media mentions; created a permanent website where educational and informative content has been consistently posted; worked with over 50+ campaign ambassadors, evangelists, supporters and public figures to spread the message; generated over 2 Million social interactions, Website has reached more than 800,000 visits and reached over 90,000 online petition signatories supporting the coalitions public petition to include the HPV vaccine in the National Immunization Program.