three babies sitting on a couch 

National Peanut Board | Size 4-6 Months

What size clothes does a baby wear? The answer is right on the tag for you! “0-3 months.” “3-6 months.” “6-9 months.” Wouldn’t it be nice if all the other questions to raising your little peanut were right there too?

National Peanut Board did just that. According to new guidelines on preventing peanut allergies (released by the NIAID as part of the NIH), introducing peanuts as early as 4-6 months can reduce a lifetime peanut allergy. As a result, Size 4 to 6 Months was born.

Size 4 to 6 Months was a limited-time, custom-designed clothing line specifically made for babies to wear between ages – well, you guessed it – 4 to 6 months, allowing the National Peanut Board to get in front of parents at the most critical time for introducing peanuts to their children.

Of parents exposed to the “Size 4 to 6 Months” campaign, 76% confirmed they introduced peanuts to their child before 12 months of age – compared to the 48% who were not exposed to the campaign. And on top of that, 80% recommended or shared their experience of introducing peanuts to their child(ren) with family or friends.