Telenor: Workfulness

In today’s digital landscape, our always-connected culture brings new challenges to the workplace. Golin found that Swedish employees checked their mobile phones 150 times a day; eight out of 10 felt the need to respond to phone calls, texts and e-mails immediately; seven out of 10 said they check or use mobile phones during meetings; and nine out of 10 would prefer mobile-free meetings.

To address this, Golin created “Workfulness,” a platform for Telenor Sweden Business to present solutions for how to maintain a healthy digital work environment. Telenor partnered with Swedish neuroscientist Katarina Gospic to develop a training program for how to counteract technology stress and inefficiency in the workplace.

The campaign proved to be a huge success for the client with tangible business results. New business requests hit an all-time high, consideration for the brand among non-customers increased by 32 percent from the previous month and the initiative was covered by more than 75 national and international publications and broadcasts, reaching nearly twice the total of the Swedish population.