Too Yumm: #WhyChipsVirat

Too Yumm entered the market with one sole aim: to disrupt the snacking industry in India by launching the brand’s latest healthy offering, Too Yumm Multigrain Chips. Golin was given the hero asset, the 1-minute TVC that would be played at the Indian Premier League (IPL), with a simple brief: create a campaign that is equivalent to a Super Bowl ad and generate controversy around a fitness icon such as Virat Kohli binging on chips through the brand film.

In a first for the brand, the hero of this campaign were the consumers themselves. The campaign relied on Virat Kohli’s fans & followers to voice their concern for their idol in order to create nationwide curiosity.

On the morning of the TVC launch, two days after radio silence from Virat Kohli, we fueled the controversy further with an open letter for him to address the nation that he is aware that fans are disappointed by him “cheating on his diet,” but he would reveal the truth during that evening’s IPL match.

The open letter instantly went viral with a total reach of 45 million within 48 hours; #WhyChipsVirat was trending #1 on Twitter; in 15 days, the campaign generated over 160 clips and a total reach of over 141 million across all media and was covered as ‘breaking news’ on the top 12 news channels.

Victory tasted not sweet, but TOO YUMM!