Tourism Victoria: Victoria’s Untold Secret

The Australian city of Melbourne and the state of Victoria needed to reach potential tourists from India who otherwise might travel to South Africa or other Australian states, so they enlisted Golin, who came in and leveraged the insight that media and travelers already familiar with the destination didn’t realize that the location had a trendy coffee-drinking and artistic community to explore.

To promote this concept, they combined efforts between a popular Indian visual artist, Harun Robert, and an award-winning Melbourne latté artist, Ben Morrow, to create beautiful coffee-inspired artwork against the beautiful scenes in Victoria, allowing guests to watch the art creation while smelling and tasting Melbourne’s finest authentic coffee.

The events, which were teased on social media and through live interviews with the artists, generated media buzz in major publications like Forbes Life India, Upper Crust, Mid-Day and GQ online and resulted in a 21 percent increase in overnight visitors from India between April and June.