Walmart: Legendary Social Engagement

When the battle for customer loyalty moved from brick-and-mortar stores to the cloud, Walmart’s new fight for retail leadership intensified. Simply put, the old ways of winning – lowest price and the most locations – are no longer enough to ensure customer loyalty.

Golin developed a best-in-class Customer Experience (CX) strategy that leverages PR expertise and social engagement with data and insights at the core. In just a few months, Walmart’s social customer experience has become quicker, bolder and more impactful. Walmart seized the opportunity to put the Fortune 1 in its rightful place as the company with LEGENDARY customer experience – cementing its place in the hearts and wallets of customers.

Ultimately, Golin created a model for Walmart and companies of all types who want to create a competitive advantage. We build reputation, preference, and spark sales by combining CX with PR. By personalizing care at scale, amplifying the positive, protecting the brand and informing business decisions we achieved remarkable results. In the first 90 days, Walmart responded to 51% more customers than previous teams; improved first-response time nearly 80% faster than the industry standard; transformed Walmart’s brand voice on social media; and elevated content to top-tier media outlets including CBS This Morning and BuzzFeed.

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