Wrangler: Days of Denim

Fashion defines an era.

The '50s woman in Asia experimented with form-fitting dresses; the '60s hippies grew long hair and sought individuality with bright color spectrums; the '70s were covered in prints and thigh high boots; while the '80s were awash with bleach, and the '90s well…that should really just be left alone.

These eras helped define Wrangler, and the growing importance of denim’s ability to express changing culture. Wrangler wanted to leverage its role in these special moments for their 70th Anniversary as the perfect occasion to celebrate its history and set a course for the brand’s next 70 years.

Golin celebrated Wrangler’s unique denim expertise and craftmanship commitment by highlighting Wrangler’s history steeped in innovation, iconic workmanship and sense of adventure for the open road. Whether in the saddle of a bike or on a packed dance floor… These are the days of our lives; these are the days of denim.

The Days of Denim campaign tapped into Asia’s diverse cultures by scaling impact with a central plan and toolkit. From collaborating with artists and stylists, to creating a 360˚ retail experience –  we created a denim social storm.

Wrangler’s Days of Denim campaign was the most successful globally aligned campaign activated in Asia to date. Golin’s integrated approach boosted Wrangler sales; target audiences purchased 25% of the Wrangler 70th Anniversary inventory within four weeks of going live, which is 66% more than past campaigns.

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