Golin APAC Launches AI Incubator SPARK to Shape the Future of Work in Creative Intelligence

March 16, 2023

Singapore, 16 March 2023:  Today, Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) agency Golin unveils its new AI Incubator SPARK, a model designed to diversify ideation, elevate storytelling and mobilise content delivery for the agency across APAC.

Initiated by Golin’s Creative Intelligence Unit in Singapore, SPARK explores artificial intelligence platforms including ChatGPT, Midjourney, Dall.E as a starting point for strategic planning and creative ideation. The team is also working with custom artificial intelligence (AI) platform developers in Asia to explore the potential of this technology for the communications industry.

With prior experience harnessing AI for sentiment analysis and predictive analytics, the Creative Intelligence Unit’s newest initiative expands the role of AI technology across three core areas:

  1. Ideation diversification: With effective use of AI, tools are able to prompt counterintuitive hypotheses that strategists can explore throughout the planning process, and substantiate with research. Creative ideas are charged with innumerable multi-dimensional possibilities. During the beta testing period, this helped identify cultural insights and generate ideas for clients across hospitality, public service, the arts, and the financial services sectors.
  2. Storytelling elevation: Through heightened quality production with controlled or limited resources, the SPARK model has helped our designers create diverse content including 3D spaces, character modelling and illustrative art with professional finesse using basic design tools. This opened up new storytelling opportunities for Golin’s clients in the technology and hospitality industries.
  3. Content delivery mobilisation: AI is galvanizing content rollout with nimble flexibility. From hosting brainstorming sessions powered by AI to generating quality mock-ups of ideas for tissue testing, SPARK has significantly enhanced the operating model of the Creative Intelligence Unit.

“Since the dawn of human civilisation, our ability to invent and apply tools have paved the path of progress,” said Shouvik Prasanna Mukherjee, Chief Creative Officer, Asia Pacific for Golin, who heads the agency’s Creative Intelligence Unit. “Artificial Intelligence is the latest tool that’ll frame the next chapter of our evolution and how we utilise it will define our future. When stones or ideas collide, there is a spark that ignites the drive for change. SPARK will shape our ‘future of work’ in creative intelligence that is both hi-tech and high-touch.”

“SPARK unlocks impact for us as an agency but also for our clients, people and the industry,” said Darren Burns, President, Asia Pacific, for Golin. “Brands come to us wanting to create change that makes an impact, and that’s exactly what SPARK stands for – being on the front line of innovation around AI”.

The Creative Intelligence Unit is comprised of data storytellers and creative technologists across Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei that works closely with client teams and integrated media teams. The launch of SPARK follows the Unit’s development and rollout of Executive Impact Matrix,  the first data-driven solution to analyse the business impact that executive thought leadership delivers.