Making the big move to London is tough. Especially if you live outside of the M25, are starting out in your career AND don’t have family to help financially.

Golin is today launching a new initiative called “Golin B&B”, which will help reduce the costs for those starting out on the London career ladder.

Golin’s next intake of interns (Bright Young Things) will be offered a paid flat-share with their fellow interns in London’s zone 1 or 2 for their first month, followed by a 0% loan for a deposit and one month’s rent in the capital to help with living costs for the remainder of their internship.

The launch comes as London Mayor Sadiq Khan calls for employers to offer loans to staff that covers their rental deposit. The Fifty Thousand Homes campaign aims to help workers with London’s steep house prices.

“If you want to move to London to start your career you need anywhere between £1,000 – £2,000 in your pocket for a deposit and the first month’s rent. That’s a significant sum of money for anyone, but if you don’t have family support or know anyone to stay with, then it is likely to prevent you being able to take up internship or a starter position. That’s a problem for us.

“We want to hire the best creative brains in the UK and we don’t want brilliant people turning down an internship with us or being put off applying in the first place due to the cost of living. We have always paid our interns and pay the London Living wage, but as London living costs soar it’s no longer enough and we want to ensure we don’t miss out on great talent from the far flung corners of the UK,” said Bibi Hilton, Golin managing director.

Golin B&B initiatives include:

  • flatshare for all interns together in London’s zone 1 or 2
  • 0% PayLater loan for first month’s rent and deposit
  • reimbursing interview travel costs for those based outside of London
  • advice on budget, lifestyle & commute requirements, relocation essentials (such as SIM card and transport maps), help finding and registering with health services
  • and a Golin B&B buddy to offer local tips for services, restaurants, gyms etc

The Golin B&B  is hugely well received by the industry, peers and organisations that drive change, here’s what they say:

“For too many young people, undertaking an internship is an opportunity they cannot afford, with many employers offering no salary for the work they expect the candidates to do whilst at the same time needing them to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world. The end result is often interns who get their positions by virtue of their family’s wealth. I welcome this important step by Golin to make it easier for the best candidates from anywhere in the UK to be able to get their foot on the ladder, take up an internship and prove that their value to the industry is not connected to the value of their parents’ bank balance,”

“This fantastic initiative from Golin is precisely the kind of radical, imaginative way of thinking that our industry desperately needs -completely typical of Golin’s habit of setting the agenda, and showing the way. Both as an employer, and as the head of our industry’s professional body, I know that housing costs have become a crisis issue.  The London market is simply pricing too many young people out. This move from Golin will be applauded by anyone who cares about the future of PR.”


“This is an incredibly forward thinking initiative by Golin. Enabling young people from outside of the Capital to gain experience in London gives opportunities to those who otherwise would not be able to afford it. It also ensures that Golin gets the pick of the best talent from across the UK, which can only strengthen their talent pool. I would welcome more agencies taking this approach.”

“We’re thrilled that Golin is one of the first companies to sign up to London First’s housing pledges. Your leadership sets a great example to the rest of London’s employers and shows that you’re ready and willing to join efforts with the GLA family to uncover every solution possible to keeping talent in London.”

‘Golin B&B’ is launching in February 2017 for our spring Bright Young Things intake.