Prototype of Emma the office worker

Fellowes | Emma

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Many office workers know that desk jobs are bad for their health, but knowing isn’t enough to change bad habits. Fellowes wanted to become an authority on workplace health, but we needed a shock to bring their ergonomic workplace health solutions to life. In collaboration with ergonomics and occupational health experts, Fellowes developed the “Future of Work Colleague Report,” highlighting the potential health impacts of current working habits. To drive media interest, Virgo Health and Fellowes created Emma—a prototype of the office worker in 2040 plagued by obesity, hunchbacks, varicose veins, bloodshot eyes, and repetitive strain injury.

Within 24 hours, Emma became a worldwide cultural phenomenon, meme and TV star. She appeared in 650 pieces of international coverage, was featured on all major US TV networks, and even starred in an episode of Jonathan Ross’s chat show. The result was a total reach of 79 billion, 1 million organic video views, and an unprecedented 155% increase in web traffic and inquiries for Fellowes.