examples of Slack's hybrid work emojis

Slack | #ReinventWork

Golin helped Slack launch their first-ever influencer program centered around the campaign #ReinventWork. As part of the campaign, Golin ideated with influencer partner and designer, Jessica Walsh, to create a new emoji pack that allows Slack users everywhere to engage with the #ReinventWork messaging in a unique and unexpected way. Titled “The Hybrid Work” emoji pack, it includes 12 new emojis that highlight the unique experiences we’ve faced this past year and the changes we’re making to the way we work now and in the future. Users can find emoji indicating everything from “kid drop off” to “working from home” and even a “hot desk” emoji – all allowing for quick and creative communication on one’s whereabouts. Since launching in late-May, the pack has received press coverage in the likes of Fast Company and PRINT Mag and generated more than 500K in impressions on social.