trolli gummy creations scattered about in a space-like setting with a UFO in the middle

Trolli | Myspace Invasion

To announce Trolli’s first-ever buildable sour gummi, the brand’s fleet of gummi aliens – along with the help of Golin – invaded Myspace as a nod to Trolli’s nostalgia-loving, digital native fans and the aliens’ well-meaning but slightly out-of-touch personas. Over 200 individual Myspace profiles highlighting every possible buildable alien combination were created for the campaign. Within them, fans were encouraged to discover handfuls of hidden Easter eggs leading them to out-of-this-world prizes like free Gummi Creations, a lifetime supply of Trolli product, and even a trip to the motherland of all reported UFO activity: Roswell, NM.

In the first few days alone, Trolli’s Myspace Invasion generated over 506 MM impressions – surpassing our KPI by 26% on launch day – and more than 170 earned media and influencer stories to-date. Influencer partners also created 22 unique pieces of content on TikTok encouraging viewers to check out the Myspace alien profiles and hunt for our prizes themselves, garnering over 800K views and 800 comments.