McDonald’s | Happy Meal 40th Anniversary

What was your favorite Happy Meal toy? A Tamagotchi? A Furby? How about the infamous Hamburglar? For Happy Meal’s 40th, Golin and McDonald’s brought these and other iconic toys back for a limited time with the Surprise Happy Meal. This nostalgic celebration—a limited-edition Happy Meal featuring the greatest toys from the last four decades—helped parents relive the joy and surprise of finding their favorite Happy Meal toys and share that happiness with their own kids.

And the results? They were even more surprising. Surprise Happy Meal toys sold out in 4 DAYS of restaurant availability. And with 780 media placements in 50 different countries, a 309% increase in Happy Meal conversation on global social media and a 95% increase in Google searches for Happy Meal, parents and children alike came together for a VERY happy celebration of the 40 years of Happy Meal.