J Kwon celebrating for Cinco de Mayo

Jose Cuervo | Tipsy

For this year’s Cinco De Mayo, Jose Cuervo encouraged consumers to tip delivery drivers 20% or more on their Cinco meal to recognize frontline workers that worked hard all year during lockdown to keep everyone fed and safe. Consumers who got Tipsy for Cinco had the chance to get their whole check covered by Cuervo. To amplify the Get Tipsy program, Golin generated buzz by partnering with J-Kwon, a.k.a the rapper behind the song “Tipsy”, through social content to support PR amplification the week leading into Cinco de Mayo. J-Kwon got tipsy by placing tiny delivery orders from a number of Mexican restaurants in his hometown of St. Louis and tipping huge. Tipsy for Cinco earned coverage in key national outlets including Delish, Mashed, USA Todayand received wide local syndication via the CBS news desk.