Taiwan AIDS Society | Love Myself

In Taiwan, stigmas toward HIV/AIDS are a major problem and have an impact on people’s willingness to undergo HIV testing. In 2019, as same-sex marriage became legal in Taiwan, we were presented with the opportunity to generate awareness on equity of human rights, including access to HIV testing, health care, and marriage.

The result was the wedding of the century. The day after the same-sex marriage bill was passed, Taiwan AIDS Society and Golin held the Century Wedding, where three couples, including lesbian, gay and heterosexual couples were invited to be a part of the first wedding in Asia to include different couples from the LGBTQ+ community. The couples solidified not only their vows, but the affirmation of marriage equity, while raising awareness and knowledge around HIV/AIDS. The discussion expanded from marriage equity to disease equity in order to reduce stigma and discrimination toward HIV/AIDS.

Because of the Century Wedding Ceremony, equity and discrimination issues gained attention. With more than 100 domestic and international exposures, 50% of exposures mentioned disease equity HIV/AIDS stigma reduction and earned more than 10 million AD value. Importantly, the campaign taught the valiant message that no matter who you are and who you love, it’s always important never to forget to love yourself.