Garmin | Eye on the Road

Knowing that teens are at higher risk for motor vehicle crashes, Garmin found a way to implement dashcams as preventative tools, rather than passive recording devices. During Road Safety Week 2019, Garmin and Golin launched the “Eye on the Road” campaign with a short film that both captured the emotions of a first solo drive and presented research on the “safety gap” of young drivers. The accompanying educational program taught parents how to use dashcam footage to identify and address dangerous driving habits in their teens—before they lead to crashes. Suddenly, dashcams allowed parents to accompany their “just-passed” teens in solo drives, without stressing them out with live passenger seat reactions.

The “Eye on the Road” program increased mentions of Garmin during Road Safety Week by 77% and saw a total reach of 42.5 million—completely repositioning Garmin dashcams in the category and providing the space for Garmin to speak as a safety expert.