INCSR | You Are Not Alone

“No man is an island” a writer wrote. Yet a poll revealed that a staggering 60% of Latvian people admitted having felt lonely over previous year. Contrary to the common belief that loneliness mostly strikes the elderly, surprisingly, the typical portrait of a lonely person in Latvia features a well-off young woman living in Riga.

Realising a spike in loneliness as the Covid-19 pandemic worsens, the Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility chose to raise awareness of the issue. Seeing the happy lives of others on Instagram makes the psychological trauma worse. Our strategy? If Instagram and Celebrities can cause loneliness, they can fix loneliness too.

To solve this, we made Instagram TV (IGTV) mini-series with famous actors conveying the message: “Feeling lonely is normal, even celebrities know the bitter taste of loneliness behind their happy facade”. Our insight—you are never alone in your loneliness. The important message– we all experience lows. The campaign objective – know that feeling lonely is normal.

The mini-series exploded, becoming the most watched Latvian IGTV series of all time, getting 25,000 organic views in the launch week. The series sparked genuine interest from viewers, media, and even film critics. We organically reached 100,000+ people on Instagram and Facebook and earned 25+ media articles, reaching hundreds of thousands more. Importantly, 1,800 people got digital advice from experts on how to cope with the feeling of isolation. Most importantly? Close to zero shares. People who watched our series, watched them alone.