ratio protein dumbbell spoon

General Mills | :ratio PROTEIN

The new :ratio PROTEIN dairy snack has the most protein in a single serve cup in the yogurt aisle, packed with 25G of protein and 3G of sugar! To raise awareness for this impressive dairy snack, we developed the first-ever Dairy Dumbbell Spoons – weighing 2.5lbs each to represent the 25G of protein packed into each serving of :ratio PROTEIN – and built a limited-edition giveaway microsite to distribute these spoons to consumers. We then created anticipation around our giveaway by engaging a targeted set of media and influencer partners to drive to our microsite. Once the word was out, the unexpected Dairy Dumbbell visual got people talking and added joy and humor to the conversation around the new :ratio PROTEIN product. Not only did we sell out of our Dairy Dumbbell giveaway in under four hours at launch, the “restock” sold out, again, within days.  

To further amplify our launch and sustain awareness for :ratio PROTEIN as it rolled out on shelves, we pulsed out additional influencer content with the same health and fitness influencers who promoted our giveaway and coordinated a product shoot with popular actress, Katie Holmes, which was picked up across five widely read pop culture and lifestyle publications. In total, our campaign saw 49 placements and generated 95.5MM impressions, with 45,000 visits across the main and microsite .coms and a 12% increase in Instagram followers.